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NEW AT EA: 3 Year Old Early Admission! Apply and reserve a spot for Pre-Kinder 2019-2020 with one year in advance. Apply and download all documents online!
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3 Year Old Early Admission

Escuela Americana offers the option of assessing children who are about to turn 3 years old, and reserve a spot for admission one year in advance.


Would you like to reserve a spot for your child in Pre-Kinder 2019-2020 at Escuela Americana?


- Applies for children born between August 2nd, 2014 – August 1st, 2015.


- The different developmental stages will be observed during a morning of play.


- You’ll be able to reserve a spot for your child one year in advance, after successfully completing the “3 Year-Old Early Admission” process, which guarantees admission for the 2019-2020 school year.


*The regular admission process to assess children who will turn 4 years old will continue to be available as always.



 Our admissions process is as follows: 


1. Complete the online application form.




Once the application has been received by the Admissions Office, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that the admissions process will not be complete without the documents detailed in Step 2. 


2. The following list of documents are required to complete the Admissions Process: 


  • Application form filled out completely.
  • Original birth certificate if Salvadoran / copy of birth certificate if foreign.
  • One recent picture ID size of applicant.
  • Photocopy of the last academic record from your child's Pre-School.
  • Psychometric and/or speech evaluation, if any.
  • Receipt for $50.00 application fee (pay at school Cashier located at the Secondary Lobby area)
  • Statement of Understanding, signed by both parents
  • Financial Standing Form - to be completed by Business Office in previous school.
  • Photocopies of NIT and DUI of both parents (passport for foreigners).
  • "Getting to Know your Client Form" (include one ID size picture of parent that completes the form),
    available by email from the Admissions Office.
  • NEW Family to EA: Letter of Introduction Form to be completed by a current EA family and sent 
    directly to the Admission Office. 


* See below for downloadable documents. 


Children of Alumni: Please Contact the Admissions Office to inquire about Alumni Benefits* for Pre-Kinder Admission.

* To apply for alumni benefits Father or Mother must have graduated from EA.