Escuela americana El Salvador

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Welcome Pre-Kinder students! Our new Trojans are in school now!


Who are we?
We are EA. We are its Board of Directors.
We are Escuela Americana’s Governance body, made up of 16 members (Trustees).
We are parents of Escuela Americana; 15 of us are elected by the Parent body, and 1 is an ex-officio member appointed by the U.S. Embassy.

What do we do?
We represent, and guard the school’s mission.
We are charged with celebrating, honoring and understanding Escuela Americana’s past, fortifying its present, and ensuring that its future is mission driven.

We do this by overseeing EA’s financial affairs, physical resources, establishing and directing policy and strategy for the school.  

We appoint the General Director who is charged with the technical and instructional aspects of the school. The General Director is responsible to the Board for the efficient and mission driven operation of the school.

How can you become a member?
Applicants must become familiar with the school’s mission, strategic and long-range plans, and with independent school governance culture.  To do so, we invite all interested parents to submit an application form to join a Board Committee or Task Force (forms are available at the General Director’s office).
Joining a Board Committee is a great way to get involved and proactively work for the school and its mission; it is also the first step on your road to becoming a trustee and a guardian of the well-being of the school of today and tomorrow.

Escuela Americana Board of Trustees (2016-2017)
Carlos Moreno, Felipe Castro, Sara Gasteazoro de Menéndez, Ana Cristina Quiñónez, José (Toto) Mayorga-Rivas, Ernesto Rivera Richardson, Cecilia de Kahn, Mauricio Infante, Rafael Barrientos, Vanessa Rubio,  Anna Leslie Ojst,  Carlos Palacios,  Ana Maria Viaud Licea,  Ana Gloria Marroquin, Esteban Majano, and Miguel Rivera (ex-officio member).