About Us

At EA your child will engage in authentic learning experiences. Our programs actively engage students in their own learning and do not have them sit passively in classrooms, waiting for the content to be delivered to them. We are committed to educating the whole child – which is a holistic approach that includes students' academic performance in addition to their social-emotional health and well-being. Our biggest job is to create such an environment that allows your child to CONNECT, CREATE AND EXPLORE FOR A WHOLE LIFE

This balance is maintained within a framework which recognizes both the school’s bilingual, bicultural nature immersed in the Salvadoran community and a commitment to the school’s core values of integrity, responsibility, kindness, and courage.

We are pleased to share with you EA's Strategic Plan.

REad strategic plan

This is what a day at EA looks like. Enjoy a sneak peek of what our student experience every day in this magical place. 

Give your child the opportunity of learning at a place that will encourage them to reach their full potential. At EA we believe that every child learns differently, this is our definition of learning: