EA wins 2020 OPAMSS Design Award for sustainable design
Fernandez Camila

Escuela Americana was recently recognized for implementing sustainable design guidelines in the design and construction of our projects by OPAMSS (Oficina de Planificación del Área Metropolitana de San Salvador).

This recognition led to EA winning the 2020 OPAMSS Design Award for the renovation of our Gym under the HAUS category, which is given to designs that promote a more sustainable development model for our cities.

Our commitment to sustainability has been reflected in our Strategic Plan as one of the five goals, seeking to obtain the following benefits:

  • Savings in water, energy, and construction materials consumptions

  • Reduction of waste and carbon emissions

  • Bioclimatic architecture

  • Buildings as tools for learning

  • Healthier and more comfortable spaces

  • Increased performance of students and teachers

  • Social responsibility

  • Environmental administration

  • Leadership and innovation

Some of the sustainable initiatives implemented in the Remodeling and Expansion of our Multipurpose Gym include:

  • Efficient lighting system

  • Photovoltaic solar system

  • Efficient Air Conditioning system

  • Rainwater reuse system for toilets, urinals, and irrigation

  • Use of environmentally friendly materials

  • Recycling stations

  • Use of Native low water consumption plants 

  • Measurement and control of electrical, hydraulic, air quality, and other systems through a BMS (Building Management System)

  • Screens with Dashboards (Graphic Representations) that show the building's monitoring system in real-time

Throughout its 75 years of experience in bilingual education, Escuela Americana continues to innovate, not only academically, but also in the construction of a sustainable campus.
EA is an Institution that models and is transforming its culture towards sustainable construction. We are a member of USGBC, ESGBC, CEDES, and Global Coalition for Green Schools.