Elementary School has shifted to Standards-based Grading
Fernandez Camila

As Elementary School prepares to receive report cards, here is an explanation of Standards-based grading.

Standards-based grading is an intentional way for teachers to track their students' progress and achievements while focusing on helping students learn and reach their highest potential. It is based on students showing signs of mastery or understanding various lessons and skills. Standards-based grading is a way to view student progress based on proficiency levels for identified standards rather than relying on a holistic representation as the sole measure of achievement used in traditional grading methods.

What is Standard Based reporting? 
The standards based report card communicates a student’s progress toward mastery of learning targets or standards. 

What is a standard? 
A standard is a written description of what students should know and be able to do in a particular subject area. 

Where does EA get their standards? 
Our learning standards come from three different curricula: AERO Standards, Creative Curriculum, and NGSS Science Standards

What are examples of standards?  
A sample standard from AERO Reading Language Arts.

What is the goal of standards-based reporting? 
The goal is to clearly communicate student learning compared to learning targets. Standards-based reporting aligns with what we know about how students learn. 

We want to be transparent with families about why we assess student work and how we will share this information. Our Report Card Purpose Statement is:

The primary purpose of the Escuela Americana report card is to capture the whole child and communicate, bringing home and school together. The report card documents learning habits separate from academic achievement. Grades reflect what the student understands and is able to do at that point in time, in addition to fostering a growth mindset.