Our Mission

Through collaboration, hard work, and various methods such as meetings, iterations, and surveys, the greater EA community came together to develop our mission statement. This statement reflects the essence of being an EA community member and encompasses our shared values.

Our mission statement is a tribute to our values, traditions, excellence, life-long connections, and learning. It serves as a guiding light for the future of our school, ensuring that we continue to uphold these core principles.

At the heart of our community lies a set of values that we hold dear. Responsibility, integrity, courage, and kindness are integral to our school's philosophy, shaping not only our students' academic success but also their personal growth and development.

At EA we believe that education is not just about academics; it's about instilling these values in our students and nurturing them throughout their lives. Our mission statement is a testament to why we exist and why an EA education is so unique, offering a holistic approach to learning that extends far beyond the classroom.