Your child will learn in an environment that is kind and nurturing, fostering supported learning throughout the educational journey.  From a STEAM education focus to Smart Labs and a LEED registered FabLab, to highly challenging AP courses and programs, Escuela Americana remains an institution that recognizes and values both tradition and educational change. 

Each student's education is personalized through a solid system of support. They will receive authentic learning experiences, global perspectives, and global competences through a broad, flexible curriculum that is individually tailored to their interests, talents, and abilities.

Our students are engaged in a learning process that asks them to develop, review, evaluate and revise. In this kind of learning, your child is clearly engaged in more than finding the right answers and giving them to the teacher, instead will be empowered to take ownership of their own learning.

8-day Rotation Schedule

Educational research has shown significant benefits from a rotating schedule. 

Each student is unique and can have peak performance levels at different times throughout their day. For that reason at EA, we have implemented an 8-day rotation schedule. We know that some students are morning people and others do not fully engage until mid-morning or even later, and others may start to fade after lunch.Giving our students the opportunity to be exposed to their academic program at different times throughout the rotation allows each student the opportunity to learn at their optimal learning time throughout the schedule.


Our goal at EA is to prepare students through metacognitive education to be self-reliant, flexible, productive, and analytical thinkers.

Teaching used to rely heavily on students’ memorization of academic material with an overload of information. Studies have found that through this method of teaching, students tend to have trouble applying the information they have memorized and retaining it for long periods of time, often forgetting it shortly after moving on to another subject, fostering only one thing: memorization.

In a world with instant access to the internet, countless sources of information, and the fake news era, it is a crucial life skill for students to learn analytical thinking. Metacognition is a skill that refers to how well a student understands their own thinking, learning, knowledge, and transfer of strategy to another context.