The Escuela Americana academic program allows for students of all ages to learn in an environment that is kind and nurturing, fostering supported learning throughout their educational journey.  From a STEAM education focus to Smart Labs and our LEED registered FabLab, to highly challenging AP courses and programs, Escuela Americana remains an institution that recognizes and values both tradition and educational change.  

At EA we focus on student engagement, student choice, personalization, authentic learning, global perspective, and global competence, offering a broad, flexible curriculum that can be individually tailored to the interests, talents, and abilities of each student. We personalize each student’s education through a solid system of support. 


At EA students are engaged in a learning process that asks them to develop, review, evaluate and revise. In this kind of learning, students are clearly engaged in more than finding the right answers and giving them to the teacher, instead every student is empowered to take ownership of their own learning.