New Programs for 2021-2022

Performing and Visual Arts Program

Research shows that when incorporating a Performing and Visual Arts program combined with an academic program, students develop both sides of the brain and are therefore benefitted throughout their lives.

As we align our programming school-wide (Pre-K through 12th grade) and bolster areas of the Arts that have had limited presence, the Performing and Visual Arts Program will include a Band teacher for Upper Elementary and a full-time Choral teacher for Secondary. Several new programs will start: a Curricular Band program in 4th and 5th grades, a Choral Program in 2nd and 3rd grades, and across Secondary School. For Elementary, we will also begin a Drama Program. 

These programs will enhance performances of concerts, plays and other Performing Arts opportunities for our students, as well as continuing to offer art exhibits and presentations from our historically strong Visual Arts programs. 


The RULER approach is a school wide (PK-12) approach developed at the Center for Emotional Intelligence, Yale University. RULER aims to increase emotional literacy and create a space where emotions become central to learning and teaching. RULER’s services help leaders lead, teachers teach, students learn, and families support students. RULER promotes the development of five key emotion skills: recognizing , understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating.

Our staff, faculty, and counselors are completely trained in the RULER Program and will provide age appropriate social emotional learning opportunities throughout the year in their classrooms, in Social Emotional Learning time and during Community Time. SEL skills and practices will be continuously reviewed with the support of the Head of Social Emotional Programming, RULER coach and teachers, Counselors, and Administrators.

6th -8th Grade  Exploratories

Our Middle Years Program will be developing more choice in elective offerings and building upon the Performing and Visual Arts Program to offer more intense performing arts experiences. We will also continue to build our French Language Program in grades 7-8.

Math Workshop

The new Math Workshop framework allows the teacher to adjust the components per class based on the needs of instruction for that particular unit of study. Students will investigate mathematical concepts and develop a deeper conceptual understanding, problem solve, and learn with their peers. It will provide choice and allows students to be creative in their thinking as they develop their math knowledge. Teachers spend more of their time facilitating the learning, asking questions that guide the students’ thinking, and having them work in small groups on specific skills.