COVID-19 Updates

We are very proud of how our community has kept strong, and supported one another, all while we provide an excellent education to our students both virtually and on campus. Our return to school has been happy and safe, and we also know that our protocols and procedures are strong and working efficiently.

We have revised our health and safety protocols, watched our students on campus and we are ready to make any and all adjustments to allow for all students to return each day, when the government  MINED and MINSAL allow us. For the moment we are very happy and proud to be able to offer our Full Hybrid Mode Plan, which has allowed us to have most of our students on campus almost every day!

Our Distance Learning environment is called Brightspace. It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use learning platform that allows all of our teachers to hold their classes in a more interactive format.

In our Brightspace classrooms students will be exposed to thinking, creating and learning as they always have at EA. Our platform is designed for optimal teaching and learning and also gives parents great access to see what is happening in their child’s classroom. 

We are proud to offer this wonderful learning system to our community.


  • Seamless transition from learning on campus to Distance Learning.
  • Easy to use technology with intuitive apps.
  • Delivers excellent user experience.
  • Responsive design for any device
  • Better communication.
  • Analytics that measure student progress