Secondary School

You will be supported as you prepare yourself to become a successful global citizen in a rapidly changing world. We develop our students’ knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and nurture their curiosity, creativity, and resilience – empowering every child to reach his or her fullest intellectual, social and creative potential. To that end, EA offers a rich and expansive academic program that requires you to plan and make decisions based on personal strengths, goals and interests.

You will be encouraged to design a program of study that is personally challenging, requires you to stretch and grow and brings you joy. Choose courses that will allow you to balance your academic priorities with the rest of your in and out of school responsibilities.

We want you to develop the necessary skills to become a resilient, ethical and motivated learner and your plan of study should honor your individual interests, strengths and talents. 

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy your years in Secondary School, learn to love learning and have fun!

The Secondary Framework

The Secondary Model (Grades 6-12) aligns curriculum, promotes innovation and increases collaboration. The goal is to strengthen social-emotional achievement as well as build a stronger one-school community for our students.

The Secondary Ethical framework is a set of principles guided by the school’s mission, and whole child approach, that lays the foundation for a shared understanding of our work together as a learning community. This framework applies to all of us: students, faculty, staff and administration as we all share the same desire to reach our full potential and that is a life-long process.

Expectations and Key Ideas

Preparing for College

You will be offered a rigorous academic program that will enable you to enroll successfully in the higher education institution of your choice and have a seamless transition into the university environment.

We encourage all students to be involved in Advanced Programming during their high school years at EA. You will be offered the opportunity to have an academic experience that is advanced and as challenging as the college level, thus becoming a more competitive applicant for university admissions.