Secondary School

The Secondary Model

Our transition to a Secondary Model (Grades 6-12) was made for several reasons that relate directly to EA’s strategic goals of aligning curriculum, promoting innovation and increasing collaboration. Our goal is to strengthen social-emotional achievement as well as building a stronger one-school community.

As educators, we model the kinds of values and approaches to learning we hope to instill in the young people we serve – as a way to demonstrate not only our belief in the power and validity of these qualities but also as an act of solidarity and understanding that we all share the same desire to reach our full potential and that this process is a life-long commitment.

Preparing for College

The EA Upper School's primary focus is to offer students a rigorous academic program that will enable them to enroll successfully in a higher education institution of their choice and integrate themselves into the college environment with a seamless transition. 

We offer an expansive Advanced Placement Program so our students may earn university credits while completing their Upper School program, and thus become more competitive applicants for university admissions.

Expectations and Key Ideas