World Class Programs

STEAMImagine a classroom where learning is truly personalized and you are intrinsically motivated to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Through problem solving with real-world connections and technology you will be ready to compete in this ever-changing world and the global marketplace of the future. 

STEAM is a curriculum based on educating our students in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. You will get hands-on experiences and unstructured time to explore and invent.

At EA we have two STEAM LABS and one Fabrication Lab, where you will problem-solve, collaborate, communicate and build the skills necessary for college and career success as you become the new generation of leaders. 

Advanced Placement The Advanced Placement program at Escuela Americana will give you exposure to college level courses in a high school setting. Escuela Americana offers a wide variety of AP courses. This rigorous academic program validated through the College Board will allow you to explore higher level content in the different areas of your interest. Students who wish to challenge themselves with these more demanding courses may earn college credits for the course. Colleges and universities decide which AP scores to accept in which subject areas.

One School House

One Schoolhouse is a provider of high-quality online high school courses for the most elite private schools around the world. With years of experience, it employs experienced faculty who currently teach at prestigious private schools throughout the United States. Using their online platform, these instructors provide high quality, personalized instruction to students. You will have opportunities to collaborate with their peers from other schools and experience the innovation of online learning that is currently becoming the norm in many universities.

College Counseling

As an EA student you will have the opportunity to be admitted to prestigious universities and colleges around the world and may be awarded financial aid and scholarships by many top universities.

Since 9th grade, you will be guided by the College Counseling department and supported in order to undergo the college admissions process of colleges and universities around the world.

Your college counselor will assist you in preparing for college admission and with course planning, scheduling standardized testing, writing applications, choosing colleges, and responding to all your questions. Counselors use BridgeU to help students navigate the college admissions process. Along with family meetings for college counseling, parents are also offered workshops such as a Financial Aid workshop, and individual assistance in the university and admission processes.