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At Escuela Americana #WeareGrateful. This is our school’s theme for our new school year! What are you grateful for?

Grat-i-tude ( ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od): the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

#WeareGrateful #EducationHonorPride #ProudtobeEA
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Escuela Americana inaugurates its first LEED registered building, a Fabrication Lab, better known as a FabLab for Upper School. LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a system of certification that qualifies the construction of energy and resource-efficient buildings. EA will be the 1st Educational Institution with a Fablab and a LEED certified building. This teaches our students a culture of sustainability as part of their whole child education.
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Middle School Masterpieces Magazine

Students had fun while learning new content, creating projects, doing presentations, getting involved in teamwork activities, and participating in interactive educational games, among others. Here are the links to our 2017-2018 Middle School Masterpieces Magazines, which is a collection of outstanding work that your children did during the year.
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Debating Team wins 1st Place

Our Debating Team had an amazing performance during the final rounds of the Debate Intercolegial ESEN, a debating competition among 35 local schools. Escuela Americana won 1st Place on this prestigious debating competition. Congratulations to Martin Herrera, Ignacio Valdez, Carolina Porras, and Philippe Geoffroy and their coach Mrs. Blanca Erazo and Mr. Carlos Medina.
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EA Arts Festival - OZ

On April 18 and 19 EA students will perform in the show of the year: OZ!
All the costumes, make-up and stage props were designed by Upper School students.
Don't miss it! April 18 and 19, 5:30pm, FEPADE Auditorium.
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Accreditation Week - AdvancED

Accreditation Week begins on Monday, March 12. Six education professionals are here from AdvancED to learn about our school and its operation. They will give us important feedback and suggestions.
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ALUMNI! Sign up to

ALUMNI WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS! We are proud to launch our new Alumni Networking site EACONNECT - !
Escuela Americana is more than just your school, it’s the place where you grew up and made lifelong friendships. EACONNECT is your connection to more than 5,000 alumni and professionals who are willing to help.
It’s time for all Trojans to get together....

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