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Students have various opportunities to travel to other countries in Central America (AASCA Schools) and the United States. These opportunities play an important role in experiential education and to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting.  We seek to foster and strengthen leadership skills in young leaders. The International Experiences aims to promote understanding, respect, and effective communication with other leaders and their peers and to empower participants to become a positive influence on their school’s culture.

Some of the Travel Opportunities include: 

MathCounts / Math Relays – Middle School 

Middle School MathCounts team participates in the State round that is held yearly in Mexico.

AASCA Leadership Conference

Ivy League Model United Nations Conference 

The Leadership Experience (Lex) Middle School


The Leadership Experience (Lex) Middle School

This program enables students to become familiar with higher education opportunities and requirements as well as cultural events. Students travel to Washington DC to learn firsthand about the U.S. government, politics, history, traditions, and many leadership skills. They visit the Capitol; have the opportunity to perform the Laying of the Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.