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Since the first day at Escuela Americana, students became part of the EA Family and they leave behind memories, friendships, and teachers that are a part of their life. 

Alumni come back to their school and remember all the wonderful years they spent as students; all the marvelous things they learned; and what helped shape them into the person they’ve become.

With approximately 6,500 alumni, EA is finding its former students all over the world! There is no bigger satisfaction for a school than to have its former students come to visit and participate at school organized events.

Alumni Association

The Purpose of the Alumni Council is to provide a lifelong community for Escuela Americana students and alumni. The Council seeks to support EA’s mission and strategies and serve as the liaison between EA and ALUMNI community. 

The Alumni Associations are passionate EA ambassadors in the civic and business community and they enhance commitment to EA’s values and community service. 

The Alumni Council is divided into 5 committees:

  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Mentoring
  • Wellness
  • Service

If interested in becoming an Alumni Council Volunteer, visit the School or arrange a Graduation Anniversary Tour, feel free to contact: