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Celebrating 74 Years of Education- Honor-Pride 

Escuela Americana began operating in February 1944 at Earl and Inez Terzian’s home, the Sagrera residence located on Avenida España, San Salvador. 

The teaching method used was the Calvert Method and instruction was in English and Spanish. The school became so successful that a larger group of parents worked together to organize a formal school. The following official announcement was published in the Diario Oficial on Tuesday, November 19, 1946: “The American School is now created with a technical council of the Interamerican Educational Foundation and the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture”.

The idea of the school’s founders was to create a non-profit institution that would provide bilingual education to all, without discrimination, as stated in the 1948 by-laws.

 One central goal of the founders was to add one grade per year until Escuela Americana became K-12. Another goal was to bring teachers from the United States to teach all English classes. Tuition was used exclusively to pay for teachers’ salaries and educational materials.

1955 marked the beginning of plans to expand Escuela Americana to include a high school. This project was completed in 1957. Later, both schools merged to form the present Escuela Americana Association. Since then, Escuela Americana has continued to offer an education based on its original values of commitment to excellence, respect for oneself and others, high hopes and expectations, learning from each other, shared responsibility and moral courage.