Meet Dr. Polly Parker

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Meet Dr. Polly Parker

Welcome to Escuela Americana!

As the General Director of Escuela Americana, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to this extraordinary community of families and learners.  I first visited Escuela Americana in June 2017 and immediately felt the energy that defines the school. As I toured the campus, I was fortunate to have had many opportunities to learn about the school, its traditions, history and the strength of the community. I knew immediately that I would love to join the school and lead Escuela Americana into the future.

Escuela Americana is one of the world’s elite international, college preparatory schools, providing students the opportunity to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts while simultaneously focusing on character, integrity, and service.  At all grade levels, students have the privilege to work with a team of faculty and staff members who believe in the mission of the school and in nurturing in each student a love of learning over a lifetime. 

In fact, our mission is: “To provide our students with the tools, experiences, and challenges that instill moral courage, develop their unique skills, and allow them to reach their full potential in a dynamic world.”

With our mission in mind, please allow me to extend a warm welcome to you and your family to Escuela Americana’s website.  As you search throughout our website you will be amazed by all the opportunities we have to offer our students and you will notice the pride of our students, alumni and the community at large.

The Escuela Americana academic program allows for students of all ages to learn in an environment that is kind and nurturing, fostering supported learning throughout their educational journey.  From a STEAM education focus to Smart Labs and LEED registered FabLab, to highly challenging AP courses and programs, Escuela Americana remains an institution that recognizes and values both tradition and educational change.  The alumni and community honor the past with strong traditions and simultaneously we change and grow to meet our student's needs in an ever-changing global society.

So, on behalf of the EA community of teachers and staff, parents, and students do enjoy your visit to our website and search through our information, and if you can, please visit our campus.  To genuinely experience Escuela Americana, contact our Admission Office for a tour. I am confident that your first experience at Escuela Americana will be the beginning of a great experience for your family.   In the meantime, click around our website to see and hear the passion that fills our campus each and every day.

Looking Forward,

Dr. Polly Parker
General Director