Jessica Martínez
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Meet Jessica Martínez 

EA is a remarkable place, and what makes it so special are the people.  What I love about EA is, the strong alumni presence. Teachers are EA graduates, parents are EA graduates, and staff members are EA graduates.  People love EA so much they return to work here and they send their children here. That speaks volumes about a school and the community. EA has been such a memorable experience for so many that they come back to be a part of that experience again. 

From the staff to the faculty to the students and parents, people are proud to be a part of EA.  Once you walk onto campus you are greeted with a smiling face and a “Buenos Dias”. People love what they do here as we are all here for one purpose, providing the best education for our children.  I feel lucky to be a part of this special community for my family and myself. So, thank you all for making me feel so welcomed. EA is definitely my home away from home.