Meet Chris Capobianco
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Meet Chris Capobianco

The kids. From the smiling faces and skipping steps in the Lower School to all the warm welcomes, hard work, and enthusiasm in the Upper School.  The energy of the student body rocks! EA is a place where the students connect deeply throughout their time here and they carry that connection with them throughout their future. They are what motivates and inspires me to come to work every day.

The campus. EA is an oasis and really provides such an incredibly special environment for student learning and play as well as for all the adults who work across every division of the organization. I love walking across campus in the early morning, seeing the volcano in the background, feeling the morning breeze and knowing our fields, classrooms, labs, and libraries will all be filled with engaged and inquisitive young people.

The future. Even though EA has a long history and steeped traditions it is a place with an eye to the future and one that will be filled with greater opportunity and success and greater care to each other and the world that our graduates will enter in the future. It is a privilege and honor to be part of helping build and shape that future on behalf of the kids and their families.