Escuela americana El Salvador

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Upper School

The EA Upper School's primary focus is to offer students a rigorous academic program that will enable them to enroll successfully in a higher education institution of their choice and integrate themselves into the college environment with a seamless transition.  We strive to provide our student body with opportunities that will encourage each one to reach his or her unique potential:   first become successful university students and later assume their roles as leaders in their future professions. We offer an expansive Advanced Placement Program so our students may earn university credits while completing their high school program, and thus become more competitive applicants for university admissions.
The Escuela Americana Service Learning Program integrates community service into our whole child curriculum which fosters a volunteering spirit and social consciousness among our students.  In addition, throughout their four years in high school, students are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills, whether in service clubs, athletic teams, academic or civic organizations. Academic  rigor and opportunities for leadership and service provide a very stimulating and rewarding educational experience that greatly enhances the maturation process as well as their college admissions’ potential.