Escuela americana El Salvador

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The school year is almost over! Give it your best!

General Director's Message


Greetings from the American School of El Savador:


Welcome to our Website!  To experience Escuela Americana is to experience the culmination of 70 years of dedication to the strong values and belief in people that have been and continue to be the backbone of this highly successful institution.  As I welcome you to our website and to the information it provides, it is my hope that you will begin to see and feel the pride of those who call EA home.  For without question EA is a family of support and good will and a place for all to examine, to grow, and to obtain wisdom – the purpose of all education.


EA provides a pathway to excellence for its students to move from young children to progressive and creative young people prepared to take their places in the communities of today and tomorrow.  From a STEAM education focus, to Smart Labs, to highly challenging AP courses and programs, EA remains an institution that recognizes and values both change and traditions.  We seek always the balance that best prepares us for the future.


So, on behalf of the EA community of teachers and staff, parents, and students, do enjoy your visit to our website and search through our information, and if you can, please visit our campus.  It will be our pleasure always to have you visit.




Ken Templeton

General Director