Escuela americana El Salvador

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Our Mission 

To provide our students with tools, experiences, and challenges that instill moral courage, develop their unique skills, and allow them to reach their full potential in a dynamic world.


Our Vision 

For all EA students to achieve their full potential and become responsible global citizens.

The Escuela Americana Whole Child

The ideal EA whole child is an individual who, guided by our core values and a clear sense of self and well-being, seeks to become a responsible member of society and an active global citizen. The EA whole child will continually strive to improve, be reflective and inquisitive, be accepting and respectful of others, and be genuinely inclined to serve his or her community. The EA whole child is equipped with communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, information literacy, adaptability skills, and a high level of self-efficacy; the whole child is committed to achieve his or her full potential.          


Our Values





Educational Goals 
  • To provide an intellectually stimulating and challenging course of study in English and Spanish
  • To produce graduates who can communicate effectively in English and Spanish
  • To maintain high quality standards and integrity in all that we do
  • To provide many paths to success for members in our community
  • To foster in our students a commitment to active citizenship, responsible leadership, and service to others
  • To provide students with a program of study and preparation sufficient for admission to competitive universities and for success at that level
  • To provide programmatic experiences of the cultures of El Salvador and the United States
  • To provide living models of the virtues and values of this learning community
  • To create systematic approaches to the formation of desired virtues and values in students including integrity, honesty, respect, discipline, and care
  • To encourage environmental stewardship through thoughtful action in conservation and recycling thereby fostering a personal and community-wide sense of environmental responsibility

Code of Conduct

The Escuela Americana’s Code of Conduct is the foundation upon which we build our lives in this learning community. The Code drives our actions and our policies in achieving our educational mission. The Code of Conduct is not, however, a disciplinary system. It is a set of expectations and values that frame our lives together in our school.


We proudly commit ourselves to uphold:

honesty, responsibility and respect,

Reject meanness; ease other’s pain,

Listen to others; work together,

Avoid offensive behavior,

Use appropriate language,

Tell the truth; be genuine.

Overcome the temptation to steal or cheat;

Act honorably,

Decide when to follow and when to lead;

Be a positive influence to others,

Be patient, consider consequences, and

Care for our school and community.


It is and shall remain a privilege, not a right, to be an Escuela Americana community member, therefore I accept, understand, and agree to live under the Code of Conduct spirit. If my behavior puts my well-being or other’s well-being at risk, or has a negative consequence for our Escuela Americana, the school has a right to intervene.


Honor Code

Rooted in the Code of Conduct and an important part of Escuela Americana’s history is the Honor Code. The EA Honor Code is a clear statement of fundamental expectations that form the foundation of academic and personal integrity. Compliance with the EA Honor Code is a fundamental expectation for all EA community members, and failure to comply will result in discipline sanctions being imposed.

The EA Honor Code states:

I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor will I tolerate those who do.