Escuela americana El Salvador

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Graduation Requirements

Students must earn 25 credits in order to earn the high school diploma and 26.5 credits to earn the Salvadoran Bachillerato. Seniors must take a full course load and pass all courses taken in their senior year in order to earn a diploma. All students must also successfully complete a social service requirement as directed by the Division Office. Students desiring a Bachillerato Diploma from the Salvadoran Ministry of Education must follow a prescribed schedule of classes. Courses offered, as part of the regular instructional program, will count as credit towards graduation. The national PAES test is a requirement for the Bachillerato Diploma.
Writing Elective Fulfilled in Classes
Algebra 1 taken in the Middle School at Escuela Americana does not count as one of the four required mathematics credits in the Upper School. Upper School students must take a math course each school year at Escuela Americana.

* Students not proficient in Spanish may substitute these courses with Spanish as a Second Language Classes (SSL)
**Computer skills are demonstrated through a competency test at Escuela Americana after finishing the Middle School computer curriculum.