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Leadership, a fundamental part of the Whole Child Approach is experienced trough the exposure to different activities that are geared toward the development of leadership skills. At EA we believe that leadership goes hand-in-hand with service and absolute in concordance with our Core Values.







“Leading by Example” 

Students in the Lower school are introduced to leadership skills early in their school life. At Escuela Americana, we believe the most important years in a child’s education are the early school years, in which the foundation of long time friendships, set of values, and personal ambitions are established. 

Lower School promotes leadership skills through hands-on activities where children are encouraged to lead and serve. 

Patrol Duty – 4th and 5th grade students are selected each week to help the youngest students as they come to school. They greet the parents and students as they help them get off the car, and wish the parents a good day.



Guiding Light Helpers: 5th grade students “lead by example” by going to the early childhood recess and help demonstrate how to play with their friends, help in conflict resolution, and be a friend to the younger kids. Youngsters look up to them and imitate their behavior in the playground.



“Leaders in the Making” 

Middle School students have various opportunities to develop their leadership skills. They may participate in Student Government, National Junior Honor Society, or the Leadership Seminar Series. 

LEADERSHIP SEMINAR SERIES (LSS) - The LSS is aimed to provide practical leadership strategies and skills for Middle School students. The main areas include reviewing theories that involve teamwork, and problem-solving and decision-making activities. The seminar also equips, challenges, and motivates participants to lead in diverse environments. The Leadership Seminar seeks to make participants aware of their capacity and potential for leadership by assessing personal leadership styles, including strengths and weaknesses. LSS students participate in the Youth Leadership Development Summit hosted by different AASCA schools.  A highlight of the LSS, students have the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Experience trip to Washington D.C. The Leadership Experience trip enables students to become familiar with higher education opportunities and requirements, as well as cultural events. LSS members acquire skills to work collaboratively and build effective teams.




 “Leaders of the Future” 

G40 LEADERSHIP GROUP- The Leadership group now known as G40, works by promoting leadership skills amongst the Upper School students. The G40 group is made up by students that lead in their own special away. Some are athletes, other artists, scholars, and most have all these qualities put together. Now, G40 members are chosen by a committee that evaluates their applications to join the group. 

The G40’s objective is for Escuela Americana to be known in the community as a place that nurtures leaders, an institution of values with a strong stand against bullying, but possessing a buoyant Trojan spirit. G40 is divided into four pillars: Character, Service, Leadership, and Anti-Bullying.