Escuela americana El Salvador

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Competitions and Tournaments

Teams are divided by gender and ranked by age level. All practices are held after school; some teams meet every day and some three times a week. Every year the following competitions and tournaments are held:
Bilingual League Tournament
The Bilingual School’s League competitions take place every year between September and May in the following sports: basketball, volleyball, soccer, track & field and wall climbing. Tournaments are hosted by the majority of the League members.

Trojan Tournament
This tournament is organized entirely by Escuela Americana; local and bilingual schools are invited to participate.  Games are scheduled according to the Trojan teams’ needs.  Consequently, it may take place anytime during  the school year and sometimes  in June and July.

Juegos Estudiantiles (Colegiales)
The Ministry of Education and INDES sponsor the “Colegiales Tournament” from April to July; some competitions may extend until August and even until September.  This is a regional and sometimes a National Tournament, which features competition against the best schools’ teams in the country and depending on the results, teams move to the next stages.
In some disciplines and categories, the winning teams represent El Salvador at the Central American competitions (CODICADER and CODICADERCITO).
Competencias o Torneos Federados 
Some sports participate in competitions organized by National Federations.  These events may begin in January until November and athletes/players from the entire country participate. 
AASCA (Association of American Schools in Central America)
Every year AASCA sponsors both middle school and upper school sports tournaments:
  • AASCA Middle School events are for students who are currently enrolled in grades 6, 7, and 8 and who are in good academic and behavior standings and enrolled in EA sports.
  • AASCA Upper School events are for students who are currently enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 and who are in good academic and behavior standings.  Generally, the students on the varsity teams are the ones selected to participate in the AASCA event.
Invitational Tournaments
Competitive varsity teams can participate annually in different international tournaments organized in Central American and other countries.