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Our Teams

Student athletes look forward to being in the school’s varsity teams as they represent EA in all the big invitational tournaments, including AASCA. The athletes on the varsity team are expected to participate in more rigorous training, preparation, and be more dedicated to the sport.
    •    Basketball
    •    Soccer
    •    Handball
    •    Volleyball
    •    Track & Field/Cross Country
Competitive Teams

Girls’ Soccer: Lower School (Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students) meet three times a week at the Upper Field. They compete at the Bilingual School level and Trojan Tournaments. At the Middle School level girls are divided by their age, depending on their birth year. The Under 14 team generally has a participation of approximately 40 students divided into two teams so that everyone experiences competition at various levels. Frequently, the Under16 trains with the Varsity teams’ best athletes and represent the Trojans at International competitions.
Boys Soccer: Boys’ soccer is a big favorite from Under 10 through the varsity level. At the bilingual and at the Colegiales,  the teams  play against themselves (round robin style), sometimes finishing first and second place at the same tournament.
Girls and Boys Basketball begins with the pre-mini-basketball team (Third Graders Under 10 years old) and continues through six levels culminating with the varsity team. The basketball teams participate at the Bilingual League tournaments, the Trojan Tournaments, and the Juegos Estudiantiles-Colegiales competitions. The Trojans have already proven that their basketball skills within the country and at the Central American level are among the best.
Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball begin at fourth grade with the Under 12 year olds. They move on through the U-14 and U-16 program to the varsity Level.
Team Handball
Girls’ and Boys’ Team Handball teams begin their participation in U-12, moving up to the Varsity Level. The Handball teams also participate at the Trojan Tournaments, the Juegos Estudiantiles-Colegiales and at the National Federation Tournaments.
Track and Field
Boys and girls begin their participation in the third grade with practices twice a week. The Infantile teams participate and compete with the “Kid’s Athletics Program,” the Juvenile teams have the traditional competition by events.
Wall Climbing
Athletes may begin their climbing experiences in Sixth Grade or U-12 Infantile A,after which  they go to the U-14 Juvenile B. The more experienced athletes advance to the Juvenile A and Varsity teams.  Usually they compete in the Bilingual League Tournament, Trojan Tournaments, and “Torneos Federados.”
Weight Training
Only Upper School students may enroll in Weight Training Boys and girls may begin during their freshmen year and continue practicing weights through their senior year. Weight Training practices may be restricted to two or all five days a week. Athletes may be enrolled in competitive sports, in addition to weight training practices. Also, during specific training periods, the varsity coaches may allow their teams use the weights equipment for specific purposes.