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The school year is almost over! Give it your best!

Clubs & Activities

Escuela Americana offers a variety of after school clubs where students can learn new skills outside their regular academic requirements. Clubs range from academic clubs such as NHS and Model UN to art clubs such as the Drama Club and Photography Club.
Lower School Clubs
The Lower School Afterschool activities program is very popular with our students and a high percentage of students are enrolled in the program.
The following activities are offered for all students in grades 1st -5th:
  • Sewing
  • Creative Dance
  • Jazz
  • Homework Club
  • Gymnastics
  • Chess
  • Scouts
  • Recreational Soccer
  • Recreational Basketball
  • Choir
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Science and Experiments (2nd and 3rd grade)
Middle School Clubs

The Middle school offers its students a wide array of after school activities and club offerings, so that each student can choose based on the particular interest. The students are exposed to learning opportunities and new skills outside of their regular academic requirements. Clubs are offered during lunch or after school so that they can organize their time between sports and other activities.
Middle school club offerings are:
  • National Junior Honor Society (NJHS- By Selection process only)
  • Dance Club

  • Mathcounts
  • Humanitarian Club
  • Photography

  • Drama Club

  • Computers Club
Art Club
  • Band

  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Ecology Club
  • Science and Robotics Club
  • Choir
  • Leadership Seminar

Upper School Clubs

An overwhelming number of students participate in extracurricular activities at EA. They serve, lead,  act, debate, promote healthy choices…. And more!
These co-curricular activities complement what students learn in the classroom and enrich their character through hands-on experiences. Club offerings are various and students have a choice of activities according to their interests.

The Upper School Clubs are:
  • National Honor Society (NHS) (By invitation only)
  • G40 Leadership Club (By application only)
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • EACO- Escuela Americana Charity Organization
  • Ecology Club
  • STUCO – Student Government
  • Drama Club
  • Photography Club
  • Teens United for Health
  • Engineering Club
  • School Magazine
  • Debate Club
  • Human Rights Club
  • EASEC Club (teaching English to children of security, maintenance and cleaning employees)