Escuela americana El Salvador

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Prospective Students


The re-enrollment process is open to all families whose children are currently attending Escuela Americana. These forms are usually sent out in March by the Admissions Office. A student’s re-enrollment may be held for disciplinary, academic, or financial reasons. Parents will be notified by the appropriate Division Director or the Business Office if re-enrollment is to be withheld.

Students applying for re-admission must meet re-admission criteria and, if he/she has been away more than one full school year, he/she is required to take the entrance exam and submit required documents.

Waiting List 
A Waiting List is established when all spaces for admission are filled. Students on the Waiting List have been tested and have qualified for admission to Escuela Americana. Students are offered admission from the Waiting List according to admission testing performance and if the applicant has siblings in the school.

The payment of tuition is a condition for enrollment. Parents may choose to pay tuition in one, two, ten or twelve payments. For any student whose financial obligations to the school are not met in a timely manner, Escuela Americana reserves the right to withhold grades, progress reports, and transcripts, or to deny admission to classes or any other school activities. Tuition payments should be made in the cashier at Escuela Americana.

Transferring to EA 
There is important academic information we need in order to transfer a student from any school to Escuela Americana. At Escuela Americana we work hard at making the transition of students to their new school, both emotionally and academically, as smooth as possible

US Diploma 
Students who graduate from Escuela American earn a US High School Diploma and have the option of earning credits for the Salvadoran Diploma. We recommend students who are considering studying in any university in Latin America, Mexico, or Spain to pursue this Salvadoran diploma as well. 

Salvadoran Bachillerato 
New students admitted to first through twelfth grades coming from schools outside the country, who wish to go through the enrollment process with the local Salvadorian Ministry of Education, must present original school transcripts and birth certificate and take the following steps:

  • Authenticate original transcript: the original transcripts should be taken to the educational authorities and Foreign Affairs office in the country of origin and then to the consulate of El Salvador in such country, so they can be authenticated or notarized. Once in El Salvador, they have to be authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • If the country where the student has studied has the Haya Agreement with El Salvador, only the apostille seal will be needed. This seal is issued by the Foreign Affairs of the country of origin.
  • Translate transcripts: if the transcripts are written in a foreign language, they must be translated by a certified translator resident of El Salvador.
  • Present Documents: both the transcripts and the birth certificate (if he/she is foreigner it must be authenticated or with apostille, translated by a certified translator) need to be presented, in original and copy, at the Registro Histórico, Pje. Dr. Humberto Romero Alvergue, Colonia Médica #134.