Community & Culture

Community & Culture is a contemporary, research-based program at Escuela Americana designed to develop greater human connection and promote social emotional well being.  Our goal is to shift the whole community to embrace a culture of empathy, compassion, effective communication skills, growth mindset, and greater self awareness, by providing individuals with tools for their well-being and growth. We created the program with research-based strategies to create a positive school culture and a community where connection and growth are at the forefront.

In the face of the new challenges our students are living in today's world, Escuela Americana has understood that it is imperative that social emotional skills are taught alongside academics.  To educate the whole individual we must teach crucial life skills, including the ability to connect to the self and others, manage mindset and self-talk, develop a positive self-image,  take responsibility for his/her actions, and build skills to forge relationships with the people around them.

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How does CC work?

Sneak peek of  Community & Culture real sessions

* All CC sessions are confidential and private, however all participants on these sessions agreed to be filmed and share the video to inspire others. 


Within the next 5 years, the program aims to empower each community member by having them witness first-hand that they are capable of self management in any situation, and not only can they transform themselves, but also their community.  

Our goal is to share CC with other school communities within the region and beyond to work together to equip and empower new generations to come with the necessary social emotional tools for today’s world.

Implementing CC in your community (4 steps):

With our CC program your community will learn about: 

CC's aim is to create a community with the mindset and skills to allow for:

Empathy, trust, respect, non-judgement, compassion, connection, feeling safe, integrity, kindness, courage, inclusion, problem solving abilities, self-regulation, self-awareness, social awareness, positive relationship skills, camaraderie, authenticity, emotional intelligence. 

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