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Health and P.E Middle School

In Physical Education students acquire knowledge by actively participating in a variety of physical activities to inspire them to engage in a lifetime of physical activity and health. In addition, graduates of the Middle School Physical Education program should learn how to participate in physical activity while maintaining sportsmanlike conduct and friendliness towards peers and others. In conjunction with PE, the Health program likewise aims to affect the students’ overall Health now and in the future, and to provide them the information and strategies to empower them to make wise choices pertaining to their health and well-being. The current aspiration is to create a comprehensive PE and Health program that runs from lower school through middle and upper school with each transition being uniquely prepared for by the PE staff through curricular strands.

Physical Education Curriculum

The ideal in Sixth Grade is for students to combine fundamental skills into more complex movement forms in modified games, sports, and recreational activities. Also included are games for building camaraderie and agility.

PE classes in Seventh Grade are no longer coeducational: girls participate solely with girls, and boys with boys. Students continue to develop responsible personal and social behaviors by demonstrating decision-making skills, conflict-resolution skills, appropriate etiquette, and respect for others.

In Eight Grade students continue to develop competence in sports and recreational activities. Skill performance is fine-tuned. Sports tactics and strategy become an increasing lesson component. Responsible personal and social behavior continues to be emphasized in every aspect of the PE class. Lifetime fitness continues to be emphasized as well.

Health Education Curriculum

Sixth Grade topics covered include personal health, the human body, emotional health, nutrition, sexuality, and disease. Homework is not generally assigned.

Topics covered in Seventh Grade vary somewhat from Sixth Grade and include personal health, the human body, health through time, emotional health, nutrition, fitness, sexuality, AIDS, and first aid and safety.

Eight Grade Health topics covered include personal health, the human body, eating disorders, emotional health, nutrition, peer education, drugs, and sexuality.

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