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Math Middle School

The Middle School Mathematics Department has a highly developed program that invites students to achieve their potential by applying standards based on NCTM and standards determined by our stated curriculum. The curriculum ranges from basic operations to Algebra I. For students who excel in math, Algebra I Honors is offered as well as Geometry.

Math Curriculum

Sixth Grade Mathematics places continued emphasis on the study of whole numbers, decimals, and rational numbers. Students will collect, analyze, display, and interpret data by using a variety of graphical and statistical methods. They will be introduced to algebraic terms and solving algebraic equations. Students will identify real-life applications of the mathematical principles they are learning and apply these to science and other disciplines they are studying.

In Seventh Grade, the Pre-Algebra course integrates geometry, probability, and statistics together with pre-algebra. Students will work on computations with integers, fractions, both positive and negative as well as decimals. Proportions will be used to solve problems. Solving two-step equations and inequalities is introduced as well as graphing linear equations and applying transformations to geometric shapes in a coordinate plane. A real-world orientation has guided both the selection of content and the approaches allowing the student in working out exercises and problems. This is because being able to do mathematics is of little use to an individual unless he or she can apply that content.

In Eight Grade, Algebra 1 is a required course for every student. The course emphasizes on methods and algorithms and their application to real world situations. Algebra 1 enables students to grasp the formal structures of Algebra which shall lead them from a concrete domain of arithmetic into a more abstract domain of thought. The course emphasizes order of operations, solving and graphing linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, understanding exponents, factoring polynomials, and operations with radicals.

Algebra 1 will be taught with a combination of lecture and discussion followed by practice, emphasizing critical thinking and an efficient use of algorithms. A combination of paper pencil work and technology will be applied and an appropriate use of vocabulary will be required.

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