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Qs and As

Here are a few frequently asked questions, please go through our website to see more detailed information.

What Curriculum does the School Offer?
The academic programs are based primarily on a U.S. curriculum. The curriculum in Pre-Kinder (PK) through Grade 8 follows a combination of U.S. and Salvadoran programs with the majority of instruction in English. The curriculum in Grades 9-12 is that of U.S. college preparatory schools, as well as the Salvadoran Bachillerato program. All graduates earn the U.S. High School diploma and 95% earn the Salvadoran diploma as well. 

Who accredits Escuela Americana?
Escuela Americana is accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and The Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS); the school also meets accreditation requirements of the Salvadoran Ministry of Education. Escuela Americana is a member also of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the College Board. 

Does Escuela Americana have Advanced Placement Courses?
Escuela Americana has an extensive AP (Advanced Placement) Program in the Upper School, offering more than 16 subjects. Over 50% of our 12th grade students take at least one AP Course and an average of 3 AP classes per student in the Upper School. 

Where do Escuela Americana teachers come from?
Escuela Americana teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and from different parts of the world. About 69% are host nationals, 26% are from the US and 5% are international representing Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Taiwan, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Over 70% of the English Curriculum faculty has American undergraduate and / or graduate degrees. 

What is the Escuela Americana School day schedule? / What is the school calendar like?
Students in grades Kinder – 12th are expected to be in class by 7:40 am and the class day ends at 3:00 pm. Students in Pre-Kinder also begin the school day at 7:40 pm and end at 12:15 pm. 

After school activities and clubs end at 4:00 pm and competitive team practices usually end at 4:30 pm. 

The school year is divided into two semesters, with exams given in December and in May for the Middle and Upper School. There are four grading periods, with report cards sent home on a quarterly basis. School vacation follows the US calendar with a year-end break between June and August and a Holiday break in December. 

Who attends Escuela Americana?
Students from over 27 countries attend Escuela Americana and the student body consists of 79% host nationals, 14% U.S. and 7% other countries – Korea, Guatemala, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Argentina, Peru, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Spain and Mexico, amongst others. 

How many students attend Escuela Americana?
The School Population is 1473 students, divided into 719 students in grades PK-5th; 326 in grades 6th -8th and 428 in grades 9th-12th. 

Does Escuela Americana have an after-school activities / athletics program?
All grade levels have an extensive after school program, with various sports, clubs and art activities. The Escuela Americana Athletic Department provides interscholastic competition in six sports at a variety of levels. The EA athletics program currently sponsors teams in soccer, volleyball, basketball, team handball, wall climbing, track and field, and weight training. At all times and at all levels, teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized. 

Does Escuela Americana have a Community Service Program in which my child can participate?
Escuela Americana has an award winning community service program. EA has been recognized with two international awards by Habitat from Humanity as well as the Service Project of the year Award by the Association of American Schools in Central America. Service Learning is a critical component of Escuela Americana’s education and especially for the Senior Class. All of our Upper School students are strongly encouraged to become active participants in our Service Learning activities. We believe that it is not only about what we can do for the others less fortunate, but most importantly, “It’s about how we can grow as individuals and about recognizing how fortunate we are.” Our 12th grade students must complete 150 hours of direct service as a graduation requirement. 

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