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Spanish Middle School

In general, the Spanish Middle School program proposes an emotional approach to the mother tongue, which exposes students to everyday practice in the use of Spanish, both in its written and oral form. Reading and writing are the basic components in all three levels. The course content takes the bilingual aspect of the American School into consideration, following the model provided by the Ministry of education of El Salvador (MINED) and is organized into the following integrated areas: oral expression; written expression, grammar and spelling in relation to use of letter, punctuation and reference; and literature, which includes the development of basic skills for reading comprehension. The program also offers the alternative to study Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) for all those students who are not yet ready to join the regular program.

Spanish Curriculum

Sixth Grade Spanish focuses on a more communicative aspect, helping students develop skills in oral and written expression and develop reading fluidity in a variety of subjects. The curriculum is focused on the acquisition and use of vocabulary, the student improving the oral and written use of the language and feeling comfortable with its use. In Literature, students practice reading comprehension, text identification and recognition of the basic elements of the literary work (elements of a narrative, parts of a narrative, and the structure of a narrative). Students learn and practice spelling rules with emphasis on capitalization, coma and period. Students learn to recognize grammatical rules, its structure and classification within a specific context; then they study the use of the four kinds of words: name, adjective, decisive (article, possessive, demonstrative) and verb (in simple times indicative mode). Oral expression is practiced daily through work exhibition and participation in class.

Seventh Grade Spanish prepares students to develop skills to improve their communication, both orally and written and to help expand their reading and writing comprehension. Emphasis is placed on self-reflection on the use of language in the independent writing process, as well as constructive criticism of literary works. Students develop reading comprehensive; analysis and critique of literary works read through writing and also recognize the basic elements of literary theory (characters, plot, etc.). Students differentiate and relate the different types of stories (non-fiction, fiction, story, and news). The student develops skills and abilities to identify and make use of parts of speech such as name, adjective, verb (times and compound), pronouns, link words, determinants and their roles in expressing both oral and written by integrating this knowledge to use them properly in the development of ideas and express them. Spelling emphasizes that student properly use different signs of punctuation and intonation, accent, and the correct use of uppercase.

This course prepares students in the areas of language and literature, during the year of study in Eight Grade from lessons learned in the previous level. The student reinforces the concept of the sentence, studying each of its parts: subject and predicate. In spelling students continues studying rules and exceptions of the different letters of the alphabet and aims to improve the use of punctuation in the writing process. They also study cases of emphatic accents and diacritical accents. In literature, students read various texts that allow them to recognize the story’s type, purpose, conflict, and characters. Students express their ideas or opinions through written and oral form.

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