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Standardized Testing Middle School

One of the school’s goals is to provide intellectually stimulating and challenging course of study in English and Spanish. In order to help students maximize their potential to learn, Middle School administers a series of standardized tests and programs. We use the data from these assessments to make decisions about the skills and concepts individual students have learned, diagnose instructional needs, monitor academic growth over time, and make data-driven decisions at the classroom level. In general, our students have performed very well on these assessments with the average scores being in the high school or post high school levels for Math, Reading, and Language.

Middle School uses the Writing Practice Program (WPP), which is an online assessment that evaluates students’ writing and provides students and teachers with rapid, practical strategies to improve. Students in all three Grade levels use this program.

The school also uses an online assessment called the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP). Students take this assessment in the areas of Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics. This assessment is unique in that it adapts to the student's ability, accurately measuring what a child knows and needs to learn. In addition, MAP tests measure academic growth over time, independent of Grade level or age. Most importantly, the results educators receive are rapid and have practical application to teaching and learning. The 8th graders will take the Algebra final exam offered by MAP.

Another assessment tool is the Writing Assessment Program (WRAP), which assesses writing skills and abilities Spanish.

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