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Trojan Learning Center

The Trojan Learning Center strives to identify individuals with learning differences to develop strategies that enable them to reach their academic goals as well as to foster social and life skills. Each student has the goal of becoming a responsible and successful student within the school. The goal is to develop self-advocacy in the student and to recognize and understand his/her needs for learning support. The close relationship between teacher and student encourages student participation and a willingness on the part of the student to attempt difficult tasks, through the variety of strategies he/she has learned to use.

The Trojan Learning Center, TLC, offers a program designed to provide educational services to students with diagnosed learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and other struggling learners. We are also starting to provide enrichment classes for more advanced students. TLC applies pullout programs (Lower School) and/or a parallel curriculum approach (typically in the Middle and Upper Schools). We asses each student’s learning style and adjust our teaching methods to suit their individual needs.TLC classes are smaller than the norm, with an average student-teacher ratio of 4-1 in the pullout programs (Lower School) and no more than 8-1 in the Middle and Upper Schools. They have integrated new methods with the partnership with Hill Center in North Carolina, nationally-recognized model program for students with learning differences and attention deficit disorders.

TLC currently employs a director, an administrative assistant, 14 teachers, and two student shadows. Faculty and staff at TLC are professionals who respect colleagues and members of the community, collaborate with others, and are dedicated to the TLC mission. Through our caring teachers and innovative instruction, we help students succeed in school and in life.

Referral Process

A mainstream teacher notices that a student is having difficulty. She consults with the special services coordinator and/or counselor, who implements appropriate learning interventions and informs parents. If the student continues to demonstrate difficulties, the Child Study Team or Student Study Team may determine it necessary to refer the student for a psycho-educational evaluation from a licensed psychologist. The evaluation must include the following information: ability, achievement, memory, processing, and, when indicated, emotional assessments. If students do not meet criteria for diagnosed learning disabilities, their individual learning needs are evaluated to determine eligibility for the TLC.

What are Learning Differences?
Learning differences, including dyslexia, are neurological differences that affect how the brain receives, processes, stores and responds to information. Approximately 6-8% of school age children have learning differences, which continue throughout adulthood. This applies to children of at least average intelligence who struggle to acquire the basic academic skills needed for success at school and work. Learning differences do not reflect lack of motivation or intelligence. Some of the most creative and famous people in all walks of life credit their success to the perspective they gained from minds that see the world through a different lens. But just as left-handed people have to adapt to a right-handed world, people with learning differences need to develop strategies to navigate a world defined around a more normative range of skills.
The Trojan Learning Center (TLC) is a leading academic resource for helping children with learning differences take full advantage of their unique gifts. The TLC transforms students with learning difference into confident, independent learners.

Lower School TLC
Middle School TLC
Upper School TLC

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