Why Support EA?

In our commitment to developing the Whole Child, EA budgets strategically to ensure that our students are supported by a robust academic program, guided by an engaged and talented faculty, and have sustainable facilities that enhance the academic experience.

Fundraising is a means to “add to” the Strategic Plan at a pace that allows the school to remain in the forefront of all educational institutions in Central America and offer not only a world-class education, but promote the health and well-being of our community. 

The caring nature of the EA community has been dramatically demonstrated by the fact that over 200 Trojans, whose families were financially affected by COVID-19, have returned to their alma mater thanks to our Financial Aid Program and the EA Loyalty Fund. We will ride out the pandemic crisis together and stronger as a community that thrives on kindness, solidarity, and resilience.

In the spirit of moving forward, we invite you to join us and give you the opportunity to support what you hold close to your heart: the place that watched you grow with your childhood friends and that shaped you as young men and women. 

Your gifts will support our Financial Aid Program, benefitting Trojans in financial need.  All donations are tax-deductible for US Citizens and Salvadoran Citizens. 

Thank you for your gift as we work as a community to continue supporting Trojans.

Looking forward,

Dr. Polly Parker
General Director

EA joins the long-standing tradition of independent, world-class private institutions which embark on philanthropy as part of a vision to achieve multidisciplinary excellence.

Giving Circles

Every gift makes a difference, thank you for your support.

The EA Loyalty Fund has helped over 200 Trojans.