GIVINGis an opportunity to experience they joy of generosity by supporting something you believe in. 

Excellence Annual Fund 

The Excellence Annual Fund is a fundraising campaign that runs yearly, (from July 1st to June 30th) as our primary fundraising campaign for our school and it is aimed to create a long-lasting culture of philanthropy through an established annual campaign in which all EA constituents: parents, alumni, faculty, and staff participate and take direct responsibility for the School’s continued success.

All gifts are used to fund projects that benefit all our students.

All donations are tax-deductible for US Citizens and Salvadoran Citizens.




At EA we aim to equip our students with unparalleled learning environments to think, act, interact, and believe for a whole life. 

When you support the Annual Fund, it allows EA to enhance the tools we provide our students to be able to thrive. It supports their journey toward becoming lifelong learners, compassionate citizens of the world, and authentic members of our global community.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the exciting collaboration between our students from the Invention by Design Course and esteemed alumnus Architect Roberto Javier Dumont from the Class of 1997,  who will work closely with our students, mentoring and guiding them as they create integral elements for creating an Alumni Legacy Center and a redesigned Secondary Library.

These are some of the initial possible designs for the transformation of the Secondary School Library 


Our students are working with their teachers and Mr. Dumont to brainstorm, ask community members for thoughts and suggestions, complete research, and design the spaces. 

Join us in giving back to continue supporting our students!

Your contribution will help bring these student-designed solutions to life.

Every gift makes a difference, thank you for your support.

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Annual Fund achievements over the years

Our Community is truly remarkable! Thanks to the generosity of all the donors who joined us in supporting the previous Annual Funds we've been able to reimagine and provide a better learning environment for our students.


Annual Fund 1

Purchased state-of-the-art equipment for the Fitness Center.

Fitness Center, Sports
Sports, Fitness Center

Annual Fund 2

The Cafetorium was revamped with proper lighting, ventilation, and seating.

The Reading Plaza was renovated with urban-style seating and a café.