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CREATE TOMORROW'S LEADERS TODAY!Are you a creative, dynamic, and enthusiastic educator looking for a new challenge? 

Our school is seeking exceptional teachers who are passionate about fostering a love of learning in our students. We are looking for someone who can help our students connect, create, and explore in meaningful and engaging ways.

As our ideal candidate, you will be committed to developing innovative and inclusive learning experiences that empower our students to explore their interests, collaborate with their peers, and develop critical thinking skills. You will have a deep understanding of how to create a positive and nurturing learning environment that supports the social-emotional, and academic development of all students.


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At Escuela Americana,  we are deeply committed to employing the best professionals who are dedicated to their own growth and improvement. By fostering a culture of ongoing learning and development, we ensure that our team remains at the forefront of educational practices and continues to inspire and empower our students to reach their full potential.


These are the professional expectations for our faculty

Escuela Americana is always looking for the best Faculty and Staff to join our team. If we do not have a current opening we will keep your information on file for the next openings. 

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 EA is a great place to make meaningful connections, create amazing experiences and explore new opportunities!

Growth Opportunities

We offer strong professional development program for all faculty members for personal growth and advancement.

Outstanding Campus

Our 35- acre campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that provide our students with an exceptional learning experience. We have modern classrooms, well-equipped learning environments to cater to the academic and recreational needs of our students. 



We offer a supportive and dynamic work environment, where our entire community feels connected and at home. 

Our Faculty is committed and dedicated to make EA a magical place


Escuela Americana has proven that it can be adaptive and provide an exceptional experience to each and every student



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Are you passionate about shaping the future and helping young minds become leaders? We are searching for educators who share our vision and are dedicated to creating the next generation of innovators and change makers.

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