Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. I hope that you had a restful and fun summer vacation! 

As we get ready to open school and return more fully, we continue to recognize both the uncertainties and challenges that lie ahead given the ongoing global pandemic. Therefore there continue to be two overarching goals that I would like to frame our return to school under that will drive our work for much of this year.

  • Safe & Joyful Learning - We are committed to keeping all of our community members safe and this will be a top priority. At the same time, we want to come together to be joyful in our learning, continue to explore, wonder, ask questions and create in safe and meaningful ways.
  • Rebuilding Relationships - We are committed to building back our community stronger than ever. This will be achieved through making meaningful connections with friends, teachers, staff members, and families.

The entire Secondary Administrative Team, all faculty and staff, and I will be working incredibly hard together to ensure we have a safe, joyful, and successful opening of school. It is also every student’s responsibility to contribute to that safe, successful, and joyful return by following all protocols, participating fully, and being responsible, caring community members.

I will be sending a message to students on Monday morning about how to access your classes and schedule.

Please take the time to read the following information to be school-ready.


Mr. Chris Capobianco

Regular ScheduleAll students in grades 6-12 will be on campus Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. We will be using the following schedules that we introduced at the beginning of last school year on these days.

Grades 6-8 grades 9-12 
On Wednesday, all students will be home and we will be using our Wednesday schedule.

grades 6-12 

ArrivalTo ensure we follow our safety protocols, school gates will not open until 7:30am each day Monday-Friday. Parents will drop off their child(ren) beginning at 7:30am. All parents must remain in their vehicles at all times. Only students may depart/enter vehicles during arrival and dismissal times. Secondary students can enter through the main Secondary entrance or the Athletic field entrance and will go directly to their first block classroom. Alternatively, if Secondary students are being dropped off with younger siblings at the Elementary School gate, they will follow safety protocols at that entry and then proceed to their classroom.

We have installed temperature checkpoints, hand washing, and sanitizing stations by the gate entrances where all students will follow safety protocols prior to entering campus. Our school nurses will be available to help with temperature checks and administering hand sanitizer.  

Lunch / Snacks

Students can choose to bring lunch/snack from home or purchase food from our cafeteria services. Cafeteria services will begin on Thursday, September 2nd. More information will be sent home on how to set-up your child’s account to be able to purchase food using their ID card. EA has installed new water bottle filling stations throughout the campus to ensure students will be able to safely refill their water bottles. 

Students will be eating outdoors and can choose their seating. There will be a limited number of students allowed at each table. Outdoor eating tables will be spread throughout the Secondary campus to ensure social distancing.


Self-Directed Learning Blocks (SDL) Grades 9-12

Students in grades 9-12 are assigned an SDL block. This block was designed for students to self-direct their learning and use it according to their needs and interests. Students can use the time to complete assignments, organize other parts of their school life or pursue passion projects. Students in grades 9-10 will report to the library. Students in grades 11-12 may choose to work outside or in the library. Alternatively, this time can be used to meet with counselors or pre-arranged meetings with a teacher who has a planning period at the same time. 



The Secondary Library will be open for students to use during their SDL block. We will have a system for students to borrow books and other materials. Students will not be eating or meeting in the library unless scheduled by a teacher.



EA is a uniform school. Secondary students have two options to choose from any day they are on campus:

  • Formal uniform
  • PE uniform

Students must choose one or the other each day - they may not mix formal and PE on the same day. PE uniforms are always required on the days students have PE. Uniforms size must be appropriate for student’s age. Sneakers must be athletic running sneakers (fashion sneakers are not permitted). Hair must be neat and well-groomed. 

Students may wear the school sweatshirt or another sweatshirt that is red, white, blue, or gray. There cannot be anything printed on non-school sweatshirts.

Backpacks and Supplies

While on campus, students will be keeping their backpacks with them at all times. Lockers and other storage areas will not be in use. Therefore, students should plan wisely for the supplies they need just for that day as they will be carrying their backpack everywhere on campus. 

Students are required to bring their personal computer that meets the guidelines in the Parent-Student Handbook and must be fully charged at the start of the day. Tablets and iPads are not an acceptable device for Secondary School. The school will not be lending devices. 

Please ensure you have extra masks, and we recommend you carry extra hand sanitizer and wipes as well.

Cell Phones

While on campus, we want to continue to promote a community environment and the development of healthy relationships. We know that cell phones can be an inhibitor of these natural processes. 

During school hours (8:00am-3:10pm) cell phones need to be stored in students' backpacks for Grades 6-8.

During school hours (8:00am-3:10pm) cell phones need to be stored in students’ backpacks except during lunch/break for Grades 9-12. 

There may be exceptions to this only under the discretion of teachers in individual classes.


We will continue to have a more controlled dismissal procedure to meet safety and socially distanced protocols. Students will wait in a designated area by classroom until their parents/family members arrive. 

(Student drivers with and accompanying riders and siblings will exit through the Athletic field entrance.) 

Designated staff members will use radios to notify students when a parent/family member has arrived, or you will be able to communicate to your child directly through their phone when you have arrived. All students must leave campus directly after school by 3:30pm. 

We hope to begin after school activities, sports team practices and library services later in the semester.

Parent Meetings

Most parent meetings will continue to take place on Zoom. Parents will only be allowed on campus when they have a scheduled appointment and will check-in with security before being allowed access to campus. They will then be escorted to the Division Office to wait for their scheduled meeting.


Open, clear, and consistent communication is one hallmark of a healthy learning community and now more than ever our collective efforts towards this kind of communication is essential. Below are some reminders and contact information. 

View Communication Guidelines

Sports and Afterschool ActivitiesWe hope to begin after school activities, sports team practices and library services later in the semester.