Performing and Visual Arts

The Arts are essential to the development of the whole child

Music, Drama, and Visual Arts are magnificent experiential vehicles for discovering the value of discipline, solidarity, imagination, and teamwork. Actively learning by doing, students express themselves creatively, take responsibility for their roles, and communicate with an audience. In today’s world that demands instant fulfillment, they discover the satisfaction of working towards mid- and long-range goals and at the same time experience the joy to be found in the connection with the present moment. More than ever before, experts in all fields agree that creativity and collaboration are key skills for young people, skills that originate through the discipline of the Arts, and transfer to every area of life.

The artistic processes challenge, provoke, inspire, and affirm students, both as individuals and as a group. They serve to enhance a sense of self-worth while fostering a sense of interconnectivity and community. The Arts thereby make us more human, lift us up, stoke our imaginations and talents, and foster the skills and dispositions that are essential for learning and realizing a full life as global citizens.

Artists in each of the arts seek after and care for nothing but love. 

- Marsilio Ficino, Italia Renaissance Philosopher

Starting in Pre-Kinder and continuing through 12th grade, students at EA have numerous opportunities to participate in the Arts: curricular music, drama, visual arts classes, bands and choirs, musicals, art exhibits, drama productions, and talent shows, among others. Our staff of professional artists, musicians, and actors are first-rate educators, and our FabLab and Invention by Design programs are unique in Central America. We promote civic engagement through on- and off-campus performances and exhibitions, where our Arts students act as ambassadors for our school, bringing EA out into our wider community. All students are invited to join us to play, act, and create together.