Escuela Americana’s Athletic Department seeks to challenge each student-athlete in a supportive bicultural sports environment that promotes self-esteem, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and athletic excellence. We provide student-athletes with experiences that will help them mature physically and emotionally into well-rounded individuals.

We seek to:

  •   Form disciplined enthusiastic, responsible, and honest athletes with a high level of sports spirit.
  •   Provide a systemized program that enhances individual and collective abilities.
  •   Maintain a highly capable coach’s team, engaged, and identified with Escuela Americana’s values.

Students at EA have a world of possibilities with a wide athletics program that offers different sports from soccer to wall climbing to track and field. Students learn transferable skills such as sportsmanship, attitude, communication, teamwork, and the importance of commitment and dedication.

We offer the following sports:  Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Wall Climbing, Weight Training.