Social Emotional Learning

Counseling Program

We care for your child’s well-being. 

Through our counseling program, we facilitate a clear understanding of our students' personal, emotional, social, and academic needs as they mature and develop. Your child will be empowered  with the necessary tools to become a positive, healthy, self-fulfilling member of the school community and society in general.

Current educational research shows that schools that have strong academic programs integrated with empathy and wellness opportunities for students have even higher academic outcomes upon graduation.”  Dr. Polly Parker

Social-Emotional Programming - RULER

Your child will notice what is, reflect, and focus on improving mental and physical health. We offer classes, which consist of personal and group connection, focus, and movement.  

Our social-emotional programming integrates with RULER, an evidence-based approach developed at Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence. RULER aims to increase emotional literacy and create a space where emotions become central to learning and teaching. Its research has demonstrated an improvement in student engagement, academic performance, and better decision-making.

The Social-emotional Program helps alleviate some of the modern-day stress our youth are feeling. We know that your child is more capable of learning when emotional needs are met and want to help facilitate this optimal state for our community of learners. 

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